Design is the most powerful tool a company can utilize when it comes to increasing their profits, elevating their position in the market, and connecting with their customers. Great design subconsciously influences the minds and hearts of a consumer, and when it's paired with an outstanding product, the possibilities are endless for the type of success a company can have.

Whether you are starting a new company, are looking to create a new identity for an existing company, or are interested in raising profits and brand loyalty, we have trained professionals on our team that can help with whatever your needs are. 


Leona Design, created by Stacy Leona, is a Graphic Design graduate from The Art Institute of Seattle (2011). After graduating, Leona began working as a freelance designer with clients from all types of industries such as restaurants, real estate, musicians, lawyers, educators, and entrepreneurs. When she's not running this agency, she also works as a Marketing Manager for a global software company based out of Orlando, FL.


Extensive experience with all types of print projects (logos, menus, brochures, business cards, flyers, posters, advertisements, annual reports, calendars, etc.) and web projects (web design, UI-UX design, web hosting, banners, social media advertisements, newsletters, etc.), has lead to the desire to conquer the next challenge: Branding. To find success for other companies that are actively competing in a surplus economy, for both an increase in profits and brand loyalty is a major challenge in today's market. With years of research and development behind us, we believe we are able to bring solutions to companies that can help them tap into their maximum potential of earnings. 


We aim to bring a positive change to the world through the power of branding and design.


We can fulfill this mission by creating brands that have a positive and meaningful impact on their consumers. We do this by using an ultramodern approach to design, and by understanding what drives consumers on an emotional and logical level.


We stand for and believe in Authenticity, Innovation, Passion, Diversity, Knowledge, Courage, and Dedication.


Orlando Come Out With Pride - Orlando, FL

Ricky's Canteen - New Smyrna Beach, FL

Russell Real Estate Group - Seattle, WA

Moms and Murder Podcast - Orlando, FL

Locol Clothing Company - Atlanta, GA

Central Florida Doodles - Longwood, FL

The Smiling Bison - Sanford, FL


Kissel College Consulting  - Detriot, MI

Angie O'Leary's Boutique - Sanford, FL

LilJams Boutique - Daytona Beach, FL

Buster's Bistro - Sanford, FL

SaltForge - Orlando, FL

Jessie Abbey - Daytona Beach, FL

Birch Global Media - Atlanta, GA



Coming soon. 

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