Book Review - 60 Minute Brand Strategist

60 Minute Brand Strategist by Idris Mootee

While we certainly do not endorse the graphic design style chosen for this book, we are however crazy about the contents that are within the book! 60 Minute Brand Strategist by Idris Mootee is a must read for those that work within the design and marketing fields.

Originally published in 2003, I think the book still carries its weight fifteen years later. Often ideas can easily become outdated, but this is a great guidebook for the essentials of building a brand within a surplus economy.

We do recommend to take more than 60 minutes to digest all of this information, but it is a very quick read if you're just interested in skimming the surface and grasping an idea of brand strategy.

“Companies investing in brand building basically have three simple reasons for doing so: to drive customer loyalty, to maintain price premium, or to increase revenue growth. The real challenge is not just building great brands that drive revenue growth and loyalty, but building them at a lower cost and faster than your competition!”

- Idris Mootee

CEO, Idea Couture

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